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Poor balance of a weekend!

After reviewing the folder we removed all wrong works or photos from the gallery "Animals Photos" and we kick out this members!

Why so hard!? ~ Please read Miris Journal with the title "Wrong Folder!"

Record was at the end:

37 blocked members only in two days from the folder "Photography Animals" !!!

In the mentioned folder we found nude photos !!! Hello?!?!
and we find selfies, portraits and everything about artworks (Manga / Comics / Anthro etc ...  which had nothing to do with the title of the folder.

From another 17 members, we have moved the works in the right folders!

Please! Manga - comics - selfies etc are NOT Animals!!!

We think that everyone knows this and everyone can read or see what is in the folder!

Everyone can choose the wrong or click too fast! No Problem! Send a note!  
But we have reacted so hard, because it was not an exception!

* End *

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